1290 Retirement 2020 Fund (TNIIX.O)

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Mixed Equity
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Mix-Asst Targ 2020
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Lipper M-A Tgt 2020 IX
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Total Return
Consistent Return
Capital Preservation
Low Expense
Tax Efficiency(U.S. only)

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The Growth of $10,000 chart includes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains, but does not reflect the effect of any applicable sales or redemption charges which would lower these figures.

Fund Profile

Fund Family1290 Funds
Inception Date02/27/2017
Portfolio Turnover18%
Dividend Yield--
Fund ManagerTeam Managed
Manager Tenure--
1290 Funds
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

Fees, Expenses, & Minimums

Load TypeInstitutional
Total Expense Ratio0.65%
Max 12b-1 Fee Ratio--
Early Redemption Fee--
Initial Investment$1,000,000
Subsequent Investments--
Initial IRA Investments--
Subsequent IRA Investments--

Investment Strategy

The Fund seeks the highest total return over time consistent with its asset mix while managing portfolio volatility. The Fund invests in exchange traded securities of other investment companies or investment vehicles, which represent a variety of asset classes. The Fund is managed to target 2020 as the year of retirement.

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Total Return
Consistent Return
Capital Preservation
Low Expense
Tax Efficiency (U.S. only)

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Total Return reflects the fund's historical total return performance relative to its peers. Consistent Return reflects the funds's historical risk-adjusted returns relative to its peers. The Capital Preservation is relative, rather that absolute...More »

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