Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund (VWITX.O)

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Short/Intermediate Tax-Exempt
YTD Return (Cumulative)
Intmdt Muni Debt
5 Year Return (Annualized)
Lipper Index
Lipper Intmdt Muni Fd IX
Lipper Leader Profile (Overall)
Total Return
Consistent Return
Capital Preservation
Low Expense
Tax Efficiency(U.S. only)

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VWITX.O — More Risk, More Return

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VWITX.O outperforms 65 funds in its category for 3 Year Return, which is higher than the category median.

VWITX.O has a higher risk than 80 other funds in its category, but its risk/return ratio is still lower than the category median.

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There are Equity funds with higher returns, but they all carry higher risk.


Fees & Expenses

ShareHolder Fees

Category Range
Initial Sales FeeNone
Deferred Sales ChargeNone

Annual Operating Expenses

Management Fee0.16%
Max 12b-1 Fee Ratio0.007
Early Redemption FeeNone
Expense Ratio0.17

Growth of $10,000 Over 5 Years
(Before & After Fees)*

$102 in fees
$20,424 before
$20,322 after
*Fees were calculated assuming an initial investment of $10,000 followed by additional reinvestments of $2,500 every year for four years (with an estimated rate of return of 5 percent)

Risk Analysis (calculations as of Aug 13, 2022)

Fund or Index3Yr Annualized
Standard Deviation
Based on Broad-Index
there is no data for this ticker

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